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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Case 2011-5-14: Kenton Station Pub

Bhardo was called again in early May, to consult for PPI (Portland Paranormal Investigations), during their investigation of the Kenton Station Pub. The Station, located in Downtown Portland, is part of a larger building with over a hundred years of sordid history. In residence next to the Pub, are a Wellness Center and a Dentist's Office; as well as apartments in the top floors above the businesses. The Kenton Building is housed in a section of Portland next to several other older constructions; all of which stand testament to the trials and history of Portland and the surrounding areas.

Originally the Kenton Hotel, the building was built in 1909 by the Swift Meat Packing Company. Intended as a watering hole, and rest stop, for cowboys and other laborers of the time, it soon took on darker connotations. At one time connected to the Shanghai Tunnels that run beneath the Rose City, the Kenton became residence to several members of the Mafia, and a stop during prohibition for drinking and the silent transportation of illegal drugs and alcohol. It also became the home of an underground fighting ring, which was responsible for a multitude of deaths on the property, as well as a brothel. Even the rooms above have not been free of violence or death; with reports of a drug involved murder, and fatal domestic abuse.

Though there are reports of activity from all parts of the building, we were asked to investigate by James, the owner of the Kenton Station Restaurant and Bar. Considering the building's history, it was no surprise that during our walk through on May 9th, the place was ripe with spirits and paranormal phenomenon. We returned on May 14th to perform a full investigation.

We investigated with a four man team, consisting of Kurt, Rob, and John & Becca representing Bhardo. It was a fun night, and we were pleased to record a wealth of activity. In the videos below, you'll be able to see a conversation held with one of the spiritual residents we believe to be Sam; as well as a group of entities that moved and held one of our DVR cameras. We hope they were just curious :)

It was truly a pleasure working this case. The Kenton Station Restaurant and Pub is a phenomenal place, with friendly and welcoming people. Its our sincere hope that our team will be allowed to investigate there again in the future; and maybe share a long pour with Sam.

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