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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Case 2011-4-15: Imaginary Friend Pt.2 (the Cleansing)

On April 23rd, we returned to the residence in order to perform a full investigation; as a well as a Cleansing, to free the family from torment at the hands of their unwelcome guests. When we arrived that night, we learned the activity had increased and taken a turn for the worse. Every member of the family had begun to experience paranormal phenomenon; including their loyal dog, who had become agitated by the activity and its inability to protect its family.

They were beginning to lose hope, as the parents worried about the safety of their children; especially the youngest Jacen. The morning of the investigation, Jacen had been terrified. When they questioned him about why, the parents learned that during the night the spirit known as "Tom" had slept next to him in his bed. "Tom" had placed himself between the small boy and the door, making it impossible for him to leave or run for help.

We had already decided to do a Cleansing, but after learning of that incident there was no question.

For the night of the investigation, the children stayed at a relatives house for their own protection. We asked the parents to remain, in order for them to get closure, and do what was necessary to reclaim their home. Along with them, we setup and performed an investigation. It was our hope to learn as much as possible about the entities that plagued them the past months, so that we would be more successful in getting rid of them.

During the investigation, we experienced several anomalies, as well as equipment malfunction. Our team was able to initiate communication multiple times; and through the course of the night we learned more about the history and motives of the spirits in the home. We confirmed that there were indeed three spirits as we had previously believed: Shirly, the grandmother, "Tom", and a younger spirit "Josh". At first, we believed that "Tom" and "Josh" had been working together to terrorize the family. However, we learned that "Josh" had no ill feelings toward them at all, and in fact had originally been one of "Tom's" victims when he was still alive. We also learned that, though a spirit now, "Tom" had been a serial molester of children in life, even killing "Josh", and had continued his activities as much as possible into death.

After we concluded the investigation, we worked with the parents to perform a ritual Cleansing. We removed "Tom" from their home, and forced him to move on to whatever awaits him on the other side. The Cleansing released the negative energy from their house, and protects it from further intrusion by negative entities. With "Tom" gone, "Josh" was able to move on as well; and Shirly no longer feels trapped by a need to protect her family.

Since the investigation and Cleansing, the family has felt free, and able to move on with their lives. Bhardo has stayed in contact with them, and we are happy to report that they are doing well, and have a notably positive difference in their lives. Jacen is happy, and no longer feels threatened or afraid to be in his home.

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