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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Case 2011-4-15: Imaginary Friend Pt.1

Recently, our friends at PPI were contacted by a family who reported being tormented by spirits in their home. They had all been victims of paranormal activity; but the youngest son, Jacen, had been terrorized the most. He claimed he was being stalked by two "imaginary friends". One of them "Tom" was especially disturbing, and liked to scare Jacen with a cat-like mask.

On April 15th, 2011 the family was kind enough to invite us into their home to interview them. The activity was pronounced enough that we were able to get evidence from that night alone. Kurt, the founder of PPI, was able to engage, what we believe was, two different spirits in a conversation using the EMF detector. After reviewing the evidence, we believe the first spirit was "Tom", and the second was the loving spirit of the family's grandmother, Shirly, who passed some time ago. Shirly had remained near the family in order to protect them.

Below is the footage from that night....

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